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GCSE Physics Home Tutors

After spending hours at school, we see individuals spending another set of hours on tuitions. The question arises as to why one needs tuition?

The answer is very simple, to gain a fresh perspective towards some particular subject. In classrooms the learning becomes boring and dull after a point, the understanding of concepts becomes more and more difficult as the number of students go on increasing. It becomes almost impossible for an individual to get the teacher’s undivided attention in order to clear a doubt.

This kind of culture might discourage an individual from asking doubts in class or participating in classroom interactions. To get way from an environment of confusion and chaos, students often go for tuitions.

But what happens in majority of these coaching institutes these days is a replication of classroom scenario. The overcrowded classrooms there too just discourage the student.

At IB Global Academy we have a different kind of approach in order to find a solution for this problem: one-on-one online IGCSE home tuitions. These tuitions help save a lot of time and money spent on travelling as well as they provide the learner a comfortable and familiar environment for learning to take place.

We offer a learner centric pedagogy so that the individual learner’s needs are catered to and he or she feels a sense of familiarity with the topics of IGCSE Physics. To further strengthen this sense of familiarity with various derivations, equations and formulae involved in IGCSE Physics it is made sure by our tutors that learns go through a series of tests and create conceptual structures in their minds.

The tests are also a useful tool in assessing the learning of a child, her/his understanding of the concepts and helping the learner to overcome the fear of examinations and be able to write answers confidently and with a clear mind.

This would in turn motivate the learner to score well academically and then feel confident and intrinsically motivated to repeat these results. thus, developing an autonomous study schedule. We don’t just focus on academic excellence but with that we also take care of learner’s response towards our teaching methods and continually strive to make ourselves better.

The tutors also regularly assess their students in order to understand what kind of changed are taking place in their academic needs and continually adapting to that. We understand hoe a learner goes through various changes within an academic session and therefore we choose to change with them and provide the best experience of learning at IB Global Academy.

We have a team of very well qualified tutors who have a great experience in teaching IGCSE physics to a number of children from various prestigious schools.

It is a matter of great pride to us that our students excel academically and showcase an exceptional all- round development in life.

If you are looking for a tutor who is 100% dedicated, learner friendly and experienced, a tutor who would share with you the experiences they have gained over the years and work hard to make your path of studying IGCSE Physics a lot easier then contact us today, avail a free demo class with us!