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IB MYP English Home Tutors

With the world more global than ever, it is hard to ignore the fact that getting a global level of education is getting difficult day by day, not due accessibility, but the increased competition that we are witnessing lately. As many third world and developing countries get industrialized, the standard of living gets higher and higher. And with this standard of living, the aspirations and the dreams of the middle class also improve.

Now as good as it may sound for a university, which would have a greater chance of securing the best talent in the world, it is much bane for the students for whom the competition has only gone up and now they have a lesser chance of landing the seat in the university they once dreamt of. Therefore, starting early and preparing much better is the only way possible for the students now. And there cannot be an age group better than the 11-16. This is because most psychological as well as habitual makeup is done during this crucial period of time. So, one has to make sure that he or she picks up good habits as well as belief during this period of time. For instance, if one gets addicted to scoring marks by rote memorization and not understanding the concept well enough, he or she is doomed for life as they will not be able to develop any practical skills. And therefore, one must choose an education board that does not fail the purpose of learning. And this is where MYP comes in. It is a programme designed for the holistic and overall development of the kids aged between 11-16, that means we are talking grade 6th to grade 10th.

Encouraging critical thinking, the programme teaches you to analyze different issues and bring a number of perspectives into consideration. Moreover, it focuses on learning and lays the emphasis on knowledge more than marks. And through a number of community projects the students would learn to serve the community and connect and apply what they’ve learnt in the classroom in real life. And with being a global accepted programme because it is part of IB, the MYP is best suited for the likes of students who want to start their race in life a little early and gain a major advantage.

Now let’s talk about the services we offer at IB Global Academy. Cutting to the chase, we would like to state that we specialize in providing English home tuitions for the students enrolled in any IB School in their MYP programme. Moreover, we would like to state that this course that we are offering is completely in the offline mode, which means that the teachers will come to your home to provide you home tuitions and thus, teach you.

Talking about teachers, they are the best in the game. Having years and years of experience in this field of taking home tuitions of MYP English subject, they are masters of the craft. Since it is home tuitions, personalization is our unique selling point. You’ll be glad to know that the teachers will teach you at a speed and in a way, you are comfortable in. Moving on to the course material, it is designed by the best panel of experts in our academy and it is updated on an annual basis. Designed as support material to your books that will be provided to you by your IB School, the study material is the best in the game due to multiple reasons, one of which is that it provides the previous year's questions, asked in almost all the IB schools in the nearby area.

Moreover, it provides a large number of questions to practice for every topic, so that you can feel confident enough to give exams. In this way, we would be able to serve your educational journey. Contact us today to avail free demo class today!