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IB MYP Spanish Home Tutors

Today, it has become more important than ever, to get a good education. With economies of the developing world booming, and more white-collar jobs getting popped up, the times look really good for the aspirational middle class of the world.

However, the competition is also increasing. With the emergence of the internet, an underreported information revolution has also been going on, which has provided an abundance of information to everyone. This has led to improved access to the highest quality of education for the masses. But with this, competition has also increased. As more and more students apply to land a seat in the best universities in the world, but the number of seats stay the same, some talented students are bound to get disappointed. This means that getting admission in the best universities in the world is getting more and more difficult as the time passes and therefore, you need to start preparing early to streamline your entrance into the Harvards, the MITs and the Stanfords of the world. And when we talk about starting early, we are talking about teenagers. Teenage as you know, is the most crucial part in determining the path of life. The habits, the practices and the behaviour a student develops in this phase is hard to let go by in the later parts of the life. And same in the case of education. If a student develops a habit of memorizing the facts and gets addicted to marks, his quest for knowledge will die. And is the point you should be introduced to MYP.

Coming under the IB Board of education, IB-MYP or the Middle years Programme is specifically designed for the kids aged 11 to 16 develop them holistically and make them sympathetic global citizens. There are multiple advantages of opting for IB-MYP, one of which is that it is globally accepted, being a part of IB. Moreover, the programme focuses on knowledge and conceptual understanding of the students more than anything. Addressing students holistically, the programme provides a breadth and depth of understanding through study in eight subject groups. It thus empowers the students to participate in the service projects within the community, helping to prepare the students for further education and jobs, making it best option for middle school education.

At IB Global Academy, we would like to make this experience enriching and valuable for you. Moving on the course details, we would like to announce that the home tuition course we are offering to you is completely offline. In this way, we would further like to explain that our experienced teachers will come to your home to teach you. Moving one to the course material, we would like to emphasize that the material that we will provide will be on par with books that you will read, provided to you by your IB school. In this way, we will like that the material we provide acts as a supplement to your school books and complements it. It will contain hundreds of practice questions, and in addition to this, the questions from previous years question papers from various nearby IB schools will also be mentioned so that you get the idea about the difficulty level of the questions asked in yourIB exam.

Our teachers have years and years of experience under their belt for taking Home tuitions in the MYP Spanish subject. Since, it is a home tuition, the teachers would be able to make a bond with you, that will be beneficial for the both of you. As experienced as these tutors are, they will be able to guess whether or not you are comfortable with the speed and manner with which they are teaching and thus, will make any necessary amends to make things better and more comfortable from your point of view. In this way, we will try our best to assist in this academic journey of yours.

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