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IB is one of the most popular courses in the world today. Since it opens doors to a number of prestigious universities on an international level, this makes it very competitive and puts a lot of pressure on the student to score exceptional grades. A lot of times this pressure takes the best of student and they feel extremely stressed and confused about it. They might even feel lost and demotivated during the class and lose interest from studying. What does one need to help them out of such a situation and ace their IB courses? A dedicated and experienced tutor who make the teaching and learning process a lot easier.

An IB home tutor would be even better since they know what exactly the learner needs and are able to provide them with a lot of personal attention to each learner has very unique set of capabilities and that those capabilities need to be channelized into a positive direction to provide better growth opportunities. In today’s world, classrooms fail to cater to these needs of a learner and thus arises the need of a personal home tutor to help a learner grow and to keep him or her constantly motivated. This is exactly what we offer at IB Global Academy, our professional and experienced teachers deal with Higher Level and Standard Level Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, Business Management, Spanish, German, French etc. Our tutors also have experience with AP, SAT and IGCSE.

Our home tutors are available all over Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon and Noida to facilitate your child’s learning and also providing him or her with a comfortable, at-home experience. We have some highly qualified professionals working with, owning prestigious degrees such as B.Tech, M.Sc.(maths), B.Sc. (maths) and B.Ed. with teaching experience of up to 15 years ensuring that we only deliver our best to ensure that your experience with us is enriching and educational.

Our home tutors also provide highly experienced and trained home tutors so that your child can get an active, engaging experience with studies. Each child has her/his own pace of learning and we value that here. Therefore, we hire only the best trained professionals who are passionate and very hard working.

With an experience of over a decade in teaching International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma and IGCSE to students from schools such as Pathways World School, GD Goenka World School, Shri Ram School, American Embassy School and other IB schools in Delhi and Gurgaon we ensure that that the top-quality home tutors we provide remain consistent. The pedagogy is dynamic in nature, changing with time according to the needs of our society but we are up to date and ready to engage our learners in an effective, personalized process of learning and encouraging them on the way to become autonomous and confident about the skills they acquire with us.

Then they create lesson plans that are well paced according to the learner and provide a means of self- regulated learning. One-on-one attention and a smooth, well-functioning lesson plan in turn makes the learner satisfied with her/his learning development.

The home tutors not only take up the IB prescribed curriculum but also help in creating conceptual notes/maps and solving previous year question papers thus assuring a holistic, 100% preparation for exams. At times even after a great preparation for exams, the learners feel anxious or scared. Exam phobia pertains in a lot of students that lead to confusion during exams. Our tutors make sure that the child remains cool and confident during exams by repeated tests during the course of a year.

Familiarization with the topics, clarity on basic concepts used, individualized attention, helps in boosting a learner’s confidence resulting in a spike in interest towards his or her education. An improved and enhanced study schedule would help the learner to develop efficient and personalized study habits resulting in an improved academic performance.

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