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IB Online Biology Tutors

Today learners might often find themselves facing difficulty in coping with the stress if long hours spent in a crowded classroom and yet attaining very little knowledge.

In over-populated classrooms students are often taught using a standard set of assumptions and teaching skills, the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The teachers tend to forget that each learner has unique requirements among all the hassle that goes on in the classroom and works in a very fast pace for target completion.

This boring classroom culture might create a gap in learner’s knowledge and make a learner demotivated and discourage them from participation in their own learning process.

This is where the role of online tutors and one-on-one study sessions become crucial.

We at IB Global Academy provide you with a tutor that understands that each learner has a very unique set of capabilities and that those capabilities need to be channelized into a positive direction in order to create an effective learning experience.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are experienced and familiar with teaching IB Biology for many years ensuring that we only deliver our best so that your experience with us is enriching and educational.

The key to success is intrinsic motivation: autonomy within the learner and a consistent study schedule. We make sure to keep our students motivated throughout the year and encourage them to take responsibility of their educational practices which would also lead to helping them build confidence and participate in classroom interactions as well.

Our tutors take up the IB Biology curriculum and also help the learner in creating conceptual notes/maps and solving previous year question papers thus assuring a holistic approach and complete preparation for exams. At times even after working extremely hard for exams, the learners feel anxious or scared and this results in confusion during exams. Our tutors make sure to keep the learner calm and confident during exams by repeated tests during the course of a year.

We provide highly experienced and trained home tutors so that your child can get an active, engaging experience with studies.

We provide the best IB online biology tuitions in India as well as in places such as Japan, Canada, New York NY, Melbourne Australia, Toronto Canada, Munich Germany, Brisbane Australia, Singapore, Los Angeles CA, London UK, Brussels Belgium, Hong Kong, Moscow Russia, g Washington DC, Boston & Cambridge, San Francisco CA, Antwerp Belgium, Madrid Spain, Sydney Australia, Bonn Germany, Den Haag, Switzerland, Malta, Paris France, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Berlin Germany, Bonn Germany, Spain, UAE, Singapore, China, Switzerland, Bahrain, UK, Indonesia, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Peru, Poland, Egypt, Italy, Mexico, Turkey.

The pedagogy today is dynamic in nature, changing with time according to the needs of our society but we are up to date, fully equipped and ready to engage our learners in an effective, personalized process of learning and being confident about the skills they acquire with us.

We also have a great collection of resources in the form of revision test papers, class notes, conceptual maps, mock test papers and previous year exam papers that are available for our students at all times and come in handy when they need a quick revision right before exam.

Our online IB tutors have created lesson plans that are well paced according to the learner and provide a means of self-regulated learning, one-on-one attention and a smooth, well-functioning process of familiarization with the topics, clarity on basic concepts used, individualized attention which helps in boosting a learner’s confidence resulting in an increased interest towards his or her education.

An improved and enhanced study schedule would help the learner to develop efficient and personalized study habits resulting in an improved academic performance.

If you are also looking for pedagogic practices designed especially for you then contact us today and book a free demo class!