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The world that we live in today, whether or not you like it, has been severely affected by globalization. And one thing whose dynamics have completely been changed by globalization is how we study. Yes, education has seen the sharpest changes in the last fifty years or so. And even in those last fifty years, the thirty years or so have been completely mind boggling. The exponential increase in educational opportunities has surely been a boon for mankind, and its progress. Part of it is driven by the internet. And with this advantage, comes a really challenging disadvantage. The competition it brings with. In the twenty-first century, students face tough competition to get a seat in the best universities of the world. When talking about the best, we’re talking the Harvards, the Oxfords, and the MITs. Getting a seat in these universities is not easy. Not that it is impossible, but it takes the child to be working hard in the right direction from the very beginning. But it is possible, by taking the right decisions in the right directions that we are going to talk about more, a hard-working child can definitely make his way into the best universities of the world, and live the life he or she imagined.

And that is where IB Global Academy comes into play. The full form, as you might have guessed, is International Baccalaureate. Speaking from Wikipedia's perspective, it is a really effective study course that is designed to provide a level of education which is tailored fit for a world which is more global than ever. It is mainly aimed at 16-19-year olds and is accepted in more than 10 dozen countries and hundreds of universities around the world. That only increases your chances of landing your name in one of the most prestigious universities of the world, or your dream university for that matter. It helps to gain children pro skills in the high school itself. With university kind of exposure and experience in the school itself, the child is better prepared for the world that awaits him or her in the near future. Students here are exposed to theoretical knowledge and academic rigor from the high school level itself. A global alumni network, where you can talk, interact, seek advice and share experience with other IB graduates around the world is another big advantage that should lure you towards an IB program. Moreover, the colleges love it as they understand the rigor and the hard work put in by the students.

We specialize in IB Mathematics. Maths, as you know, is - and has been - one of the most important fields of study for the humankind. Not only it helps us to think analytically, it also helps us to develop better problem-solving skills. Our approach to maths remains the same. With our concept-based approach, our experienced teachers can make a kid from a student struggling in the subject to a wizard in the same. Be it algebra, geometry, calculus or trigonometry, our approach and target remains the same, to teach your kid in the best way possible. And by teaching, we must bring to your notice our online programme.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the studies of billions of students around the world. Not only the transition to online classes has been rough, it has been rather incomplete and improper. Therefore, we have learnt our lesson. With our personalized IB mathematics course, we aim to provide your child with the best of online education, which is personalized in terms of timings, and the manner and speed in which we teach your child, so that your child can get a truly international education and fulfill his or her dreams.

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