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IB Online Physics Tutors

Today, there are a ton of online IB tutors available promising to prepare you for great academic scores but what they forget to mention is how well the learner would grasp the concepts that are being dealt with in IB physics curriculum and retain them for a lifetime.

This often results in production of dull youngsters who are scared of exams and stress about timely completion of studies, ready to just memorize the content and directly reproduce it on their answer sheets, forgetting about it forever once they are done with the examinations.

At IB Global Academy we provide you with the best IB online tutors who would not only ensure timely completion of the syllabus but would also make sure that you are provided with a professionally developed and well-structured spiral of study material.

We have a reputation of providing the best IB tutors online for physics in India as well as in places such as Japan, Canada, New York NY, Melbourne Australia, Toronto Canada, Munich Germany, Brisbane Australia, Singapore, Los Angeles CA, London UK, Brussels Belgium, Hong Kong, Moscow Russia, g Washington DC, Boston & Cambridge, San Francisco CA, Antwerp Belgium, Madrid Spain, Sydney Australia, Bonn Germany, Den Haag, Switzerland, Malta, Paris France, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Berlin Germany, Bonn Germany, Spain, UAE, Singapore, China, Switzerland, Bahrain, UK, Indonesia, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Peru, Poland, Egypt, Italy, Mexico, Turkey.

We aim to provide the best online tutors in a world where the in the overcrowded classrooms an individual tend to feel lost and left out. With our world class online one-on-one tuitions, we promise education that is valuable academically and is applicable based, an education that is worth retaining.

Our excellent online tutors have taught students from a number of prestigious school and are rewarded with satisfied individuals that are succeeding academically and professionally.

We have a team of very hard working and skilled tutors who are experienced in teaching of IB syllabus and ensure delivery of best pedagogic practices for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business studies and management through the medium of online tuitions.

Our tutors are very punctual and professional. They value the student’s time and therefore agree to conduct classes at timings that are convenient to the student. They consider it their duty to constantly encourage, guide and check the progress of the child throughout the academic session.

They engage the child holistically with IB physics curriculum and believe in repeated practice by taking periodic tests and communicating the child’s progress to the children as well as the guardians. This helps in assessing the learning of a child, her/his understanding and a constant revision of concepts.

The pedagogy is learner centric such that the individual learner’s needs are catered to and he or she feels a familiarity in dealing with the concepts of IB physics.

To revise various derivations, equations and formulae, the tutors help students to create conceptual structures and class notes that would also come in handy when an individual prepares for examinations that involve the concepts of IB Physics.

Our highly professional and extremely experienced tutors understand the phenomenon of exam phobia in students and therefore also work towards helping the learner to over the fear of examinations and be able to write answers confidently and with a clear mind by taking numerous mock tests beforehand that would follow the IB examination pattern.

This would in turn encourage the learner to score well academically, feel confident and intrinsically motivated to repeat these results. Thus, developing an autonomous study schedule that would stay with you forever.

If you are looking for online IB tuitions that would provide you with an enhanced and enriching learning experience, and a tutor who would work hard to make your academic path easier and fruitful then contact us today, avail your free demo class!