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IB Global Academy is an institution where the learner's needs are a priority. Our goal is to work hard and yield top results. At our institute we offer professional tutors who are dedicated and passionate towards the learner’s unique individualistic needs.

For eight years, we have been giving online and in-person IGCSE tuitions to individuals who have given us an overwhelming feedback and have been quite satisfied with our pedagogic approach.

We believe that a strong foundation is where the conceptual framework of any subject is laid so we focus on building he basics first and then moving on to the more complex structures. We also believe in returning to the base structures again and again creating a spiral in order to polish on the existing structures and accommodating the newly acquired concepts to create an equilibration of knowledge.

Our tutors are familiar with the requirements of IGCSE and work very hard to create detailed lesson plans for the learners to help them excel academically. Each learner comes with a unique set of capabilities and learning requirements. It is not okay to measure everyone on the same scale and teach them using the same basic, standardized guidelines. We understand that everyone needs a comfortable and safe space in order to emerge as an engaged, motivated learner and that is what we aim at providing to our learners a nurturing environment that helps them in a steady and consistent development.

The constant assessment and evaluation by our tutors will help generate a positive feedback useful for the child and his or her parents in order to plan an effective teaching learning strategy as they move further. It also shows how effective the learning has been and what the quality of the output is.

A positive feedback is very essential in creating autonomy within the learner and hence opening the source for motivation. This leads to the learner feeling encouraged to participate in activities or the teaching- learning practices of the classroom spaces as well. The learner would only feel the need to develop a stable study schedule when he or she yield a positive outcome. The one-on-one method of teaching ensures a close proximity between the learner and the teacher and thus makes it possible for our tutors to examine the growth of learners and guide them along the way.

An important factor for achieving valuable education is that on manages his or her time effectively and since we have a great vale for time, we offer both in person and online sessions with our tutors to save time wherever and however we can.

We also help the learners with creating notes and conceptual structures than would come handy later for exam preparations or revisions. Detailed notes are not only helpful with exam preparations but also useful for the time to time revisions of the fundamental concepts.

Our aim is to create a learning environment where different kind of learns can co-exist and where unique paces of learners are respected and catered to. An environment where one does not feel left out and is constantly encouraged to work towards their goals, provided with positive feedback and guided on how to us their skills in a much more efficient way.

If that is the kind of learning you are looking for then contact us and we will provide you a professional and dedicated tutor to guide and attend to your unique learning styles.