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What does one need to crack their SATs and get a perfect score? Willingness to work hard and an ace guidance. We are sure you are willing enough to work hard but what about the expert guidance?

Well we got you covered! Let us help you to bridge the distance between you and your dream college by presenting you with some of the most experienced and passionate SAT tutors.

We at IB Global Academy have a team of expert and thoroughly proficient tutors to help you with your SAT preparations. We believe in uniqueness of an individual and thus we would help you to get in touch with some of our best and learned tutors we have who would then create a personalized study plan just for you.

In a world that is so competitive, excelling in an international exam that is given by students all across the globe become really. One needs proper guidance and regular evaluation of the development of their knowledge.

We focus on working on one’s fundamentals, the basic concepts, capability to read and follow the given directions, being able to inspect and analyze the information that is provided, coming up with imaginative and innovative solution, strategic use of time even under pressure etc.

It is very crucial for both the learner and the tutor to keep a track of how one is progressing with the preparation in order to understand the ever-changing requirements. We not only take mock tests but also create a student analysis on the basis of the results, trying to locate the problem areas and then work even harder on those. This would ensure an overall, holistic preparation for the exam. The continuous tests would help the learner to understand the format and structure of SAT exams thus building their confidence and encouraging them to work towards their goal.

Our tutor will work with you, understand your peculiar needs, and then help ease your way into your dream college by sharing some valuable SAT tips and tricks. Our tutors work really hard to make the hectic and all-consuming SAT preparations easier and more fun for their students by incorporating a very important and often neglected aspect in the overall study planning, that is, time management. The learner’s time is very valuable to us and we understand how conflicting schedules can create a nuisance in your preparation for working your way to a perfect SAT score. Your convenience is our priority and thus we have come up with classes not only during the day but also during night, adding to the list, we also conduct weekend sessions.

To make it even more accessible and easy going we also conduct both online and in person classes keeping in view the time some of you might have to send on travelling.

Would you prefer one-on-one sessions where you can feel comfortable enough to ask any kind of doubts and study in a peaceful, distraction free environment with your tutor? Or would you prefer studying in a batch with others preparing for SATs just like you where you can share your space and experience with and also get into the habit of peer learning.

With the whole course structured in the most learner friendly way, the institute makes sure that you are at ease and do not have to worry about anything other than what you would be wearing for your college interviews!

We have SAT tutors ready to help you across the USA. We also have online and in person tutors available all over Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. So, enroll in our course today and let us work together towards a remarkable SAT score!

You can also book a free demo class with us that might help you making a better decision for yourself.